LDF Has A New Video For Their Single “FREAKSONIC”

Only one year into their career the band LDF (Ladies Drink Free), is bringing a new sound to the industry. The band consists of eight friends, each of which has a speciality. With Mike “The Rad” Readinger’s vocals delivering fun, catchy lyrics, the band’s latest single Freaksonic is one to remember. Accompanied with a Tenor Sax Solo by the talented Gerard Johnston, the song has so much going on yet it all seems to fit perfectly.

The band paired their single with an equally memorable music video. Directed by Dan Melamid, the music video shows the band members having fun and letting go. The video first starts with a vintage scene between a father and a son then moves into the scene with all the band members playing their instruments. The color scheme of the video is very unique keeping the video entertaining throughout, the bright colors used are balanced with the use of black and white clips.

Each of the eight members’ unique personality is shown through their individual style choices. Some dressed extremely casually, others dressed in semi formal attire. Some stuck with neutral tones and some chose wilder patterns. The video also includes some random props, a typewriter and a some robot toys, but it seems to tie with the vibe the band seems to be delivering with this video. In between the scenes of the band members having fun, there is a scene of two girls in alien masks dancing to the song. All of which come together to make this gem of a music video.

This video is a great introduction to the band, as it reflects the fun nature of their music. The video will definitely leave you craving more from this band and with a smile on your face. It is something that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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