Le Shake Dives Into 80s Dance With Music Single, “By The Way”

Coming to us from Chicago, Le Shake is looking to turn heads with the release of their debut single, “By The Way.” They bring a really interesting sound that will surely have feet tapping everywhere.

“By The Way” is something that sounds like it crawled out the 80’s and blossomed into something majestic.  It has the 80’s funk-electro vibe but is still modern its new way.  I will say that it will want to have you up and dancing along to the beat.  The melodic guitar was a nice touch, as were the really catchy lyrics. I’m really happy to see 80’s vintage sounds creeping back into unexpected places.  If this single is a testament to what is to come from Le Shake, then we all have a real treat in store for us.

You can listen to or purchase “By The Way” right now on various platforms.  Be sure to follow them on social media to keep up to date with what they are doing, as you anticipate future releases.  Enjoy the music!

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Shadow Tilley

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