Le Shake Waves Their “Freak Flag” With Latest Dance Single

Le Shake left us wanting more after the release of their debut single “By The Way”.  Following their strong debut single, the band is giving us another catchy tune that is still true to the sound they first delivered but still introduced a different side of their musical ability. “Freak Flag”, their second single, exceeds the already high expectations, as a result to their debut single. Their second single is more electoring and less 80’s funk, showing the versatility of the band.

The track is unlike anything played on the radio these days. It is a refreshing, catchy tune that reflects the creativity of the band. Listening to the track, you will not be able to prevent your body from shaking to the beat. The beat drop in the beginning of the song is one of the main aspects to the song being a hit. The incorporation of several various elements to the track keeps it interesting throughout its duration.

Just two tracks into their career the band have already established their own sound, as well as made us excited for what’s more to come and what other directions could they take with their music.

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Salma Almed

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