LeBarons Drop New LP With “Summer Of Death”

Alternative country is a sub-genre hardly ever appreciated. The band LeBarons is staying authentic to its true sound and focusing on the type of music that the members enjoy most and have chosen to become their method of telling their story.

“Quiet,” the fifth track from the LP, explores a different side to the band. The tracks showcase the band’s versatility. LeBarons is a well-rounded band not choosing to limit themselves to a single sound, all while maintaining their recognizable vibe.

The track previous to “Quiet,” “Open Road,” is a more upbeat approach to the sub-genre. It is different than anything else on the record, it is upon the most memorable tunes on the LP. Days after you first listen to it, you will find yourself humming the tunes, fighting to get rid of it.

LeBarons is reviving s sub-genre with their music, reminding people of the beauty of alt-country and showing them why they should be die-hard fans of the genre.

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