Lehn Kessen Introduces His Sound To The World With “Get With U”

French producer and songwriter Lehn Kessen wants to introduce himself to the world with his new song “Get With U.”

At the young age of 7, Lessen borrowed his mother’s cassette tapes (on which was popular music from the United States) to learn the English language. After earning money from his first job salary at 14, Lessen purchased a keyboard and taught himself music theory.

The French producer/songwriter worked in youth clubs, making sure to always carry his keyboard, mic, and computer and show the children how to create music. In having the opportunity to travel to the United States, Lessen was exposed to American Gospel music and recorded his first songs there.

Now he’s back with his new song “Get With U.”

The song could be described as a tantalizing, slow serenade for a potential love interest. The mix of smoky harmonies and dark production (provided by producer Bachatero) in the verses and main chorus make for a perfect combination.

This may be one of Kessen’s first songs, but it demonstrates that he has a great career ahead of him in the music industry. Be sure to listen to Get With U.

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