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Lehn Kessen Puts His Own Spin on Hits from Drake and Ed Sheeran with New Remixes

Ranging from Drake to Ed Sheeran, artist Lehn Kessen does the remixes of today’s hits that you hear and wonder “Who mixed this and why does it sound so good?”

The French music producer, sound engineer, and singer/songwriter has been teaching himself music and music theory since he was 14, and even learned English from music. From working in clubs to traveling the US, Kessen does everything for the music. His pride lies in having his first original songs recorded. The dance and pop remixes of songs like “Shape of You” and “Wanna Know” are the types of jams you play getting ready to go out or while you’re out-and will keep you dancing the whole time.

While working hard to continue breaking the walls of the music industry, Kessen connects with his fans on social media and is busy recording new music.

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