Leilani Wolfgramm Climbs The Reggae Charts With Her Captivating Album, “Live Wire”

Take out some Q-tips, clean out the wax from your ears and prepare to listen to Leilani Wolfgramm’s new captivating album Live Wire, her third production.  Since its release on February 23, the album is already enjoying time in the top 5 of the iTunes Reggae Charts, and it deserves to stay there.  In this production, Leilani takes you through her life on the “The Trail”, a nickname for the street where she grew up in Orlando and the first song on the album.  “The Trail” sets the tone and pace for the rest of the tracks.  Leilani tackles a couple of themes, each drawn from the autobiographical first song, and portrays clearly and succinctly the type of people who lived on her street.

The first theme, addiction, is explored in four of the tracks that follow “The Trail”.  She then gives the listener a break from the heavy content with the inspirational upbeat song “Without Condition.”  Afterwards, she delves back into the first theme with “Bipolar”.  In this one, she sings with wit and sassiness as she portrays the individual who will avoid sleep, take drugs, and do anything to keep her mind busy, so she doesn’t have to feel her bleeding heart.

“Sinner” stands out the most from the previous songs in the theme.  It portrays the person who knows she’s bad and lives it to the fullest.  This individual doesn’t test limits, she sets them and finds satisfaction in it. Leilani sings this song with a sultry passion and attitude that pulls you into the song and makes you take in everything she wants you to experience. Her ability to capture her audience this way is one of the traits that makes her an extraordinary singer/songwriter.  She sings from the soul.  She’s authentic.  She makes you want more of her creativity.  Tracks like this one are the reason why this album is #4 on the iTunes Reggae Charts!

Following “Sinner” are songs with the theme that addresses the individuals who want a better life and are fighting for it.  Leilani empowers them to fight like warriors.  She instills hope for a brighter future.  She acknowledges their weaknesses and encourages them to find strength from within and not depend on someone to come and save them.  She instills hope for a brighter future.

Throughout the album, Leilani stays true to her R&B infused reggae sound with beats that are versatile and that get your body moving.  She also includes today’s pop sound in some of the upbeat tracks.  Of course, her vocal production continues to entrance her audience.  She is an alto who can hit those low notes with ease, then slide up the scale and belt out notes from the gut with a calculated control of her voice.  She is a first class package in the music scene with much to offer those who care to discover what she has to give!  Have a listen to Live Wire on Spotify and enmesh yourself in the environment that produced this fine musician.  Enjoy the music!

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