Leilani Wolfgramm Looks To Take The Reggae and R&B World By Storm This Year With, “Live Wire”

It’s a new year, new season, and Leilani Wolfgramm is gearing up to release her third E.P. due out this month.  Already making waves in her genre, this Orlando based R&B/reggae songstress once again impresses her followers with the lead single, “Live Wire”, which “turns a critical eye on the perils of a culture where we continually chase the dragon of artifice and public approval, numb to the agony of it all, until we ultimately implode” (LadyGunn).

The song immediately starts with the lyrics.  It catches your attention and tells you the words are important, so listen attentively.  The first verse introduces the person who is obsessed with beauty treatments and plastic surgery.  In an effort to fight her pain and shame, she spends all her money on her physical image and finds identity in her beauty, yet she continues to die inside.  The chorus connects to the verse smoothly with an address to her compulsive desire to stay young unto death, despite the loss of her ability to feel pain or shame.

In the second verse you see this plastic woman as a gold digger.  She has gone broke and, in her quest to keep up with beauty standards, now she desires a sugar daddy who’ll feed her lustful wish to keep up appearances.  And then, contrary to the first time you hear the chorus, this time it explodes with a passion and a command that draws you deeper into the song.  You get lost in it and swim in the suffering to which this woman is oblivious.

Leilani then delves into the inner-workings of these modern ladies in the bridge.  You hear the belief systems that drive their behavior.  With one more run of the chorus, the vocals end as abruptly as they started and on a high note.  Here you find yourself take a breath and hold on to the song’s feeling and message, then the instrumental at the end invites you to breathe out and let you navigate your emotions as you release the pent up tension that built throughout the song.

As for the music the bass is the heartbeat.  The low rumble emulates the words and provides a place for you to connect to the song from an instrumental standpoint.  The rhythm section serves as the surface level portion of the music that represents the character’s artifice, whilst the bass is the electric wire on which she walks.  Listen for the bass when she sings the chorus and you’ll feel like it’s walking along slowly with the words.  The music arrangement works together with the lyrics, feel, and voice of the song like an ordained partnership.  It’s incredible!

Leilani’s embodiment of this character is so believable that you experience with her the deep cry exuding from her heart.  It’s a beautiful and accurate portrayal of the millenial age we live in and a tasteful introduction of what’s in store for the E.P.  In preparation for  its release, Leilani is currently on a national tour with The Green.  She has also shared the stage with Ziggy Marley, Incubus, Dirty Heads, Tribal Seeds, Sublime ft. Rome, and New King.

Have a listen to “Live Wire” on YouTube or stream it on Spotify.

Enjoy the music!

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