Leon Seti Gets To The “Silver Lining” With Latest Single

Leon Seti is an electro-pop artist, created in 2016 from the mind and voice of producer and writer, Leo Baldi. Leon has previously released an EP titled Talking Shadows, which tapped into Seti’s ability to tell stories about death. His album, Genuflection, is a reflection on the ideas of lust and depression. Seti’s sound is original, one that is reflective of darkness mixed with variety, beats and synths that showcase metaphors, irony, and truth simultaneously.

Seti’s newly released single, “Silver Lining” is fresh off his latest upcoming album. The song is transparent, invigorating, and full of emotion. In the song’s unique style, the synth sounds and lively beats bring out the best in Seti’s voice. The song emotes such a sense of hope for anyone trying to find love or light in their life, but it does so in a way that it musically – and cleverly – sounds like an illusion. Seti states that, “‘Silver Lining’ is about love delusion. It’s about trying to find the happy ending within oneself instead of looking for it in other people, especially those who got away.” It’s an eye-opening message hidden in a brilliantly crafted track.

Seti draws inspiration from pop, electronica, and artists such as Madonna and Bjork. Leon Seti’s most recent singles “Fake” and “Cut My Teeth” can be found on his SoundCloud. Keep an eye out for his new album Cobalt, coming soon!


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