Lil T-Shirt Releases A Visionary Music Video For “Summer”

Swedish musician Christoffer Öberg-Runfors, aka Lil T-Shirt, has recently come out with his recent music video for his single“Summer” off his first full length, self-produced album “Flowers/Lovers.” Though most summer songs are about happiness and young love, Lil T-Shirt twists the concept upon itself by showing a deadly end to young love in the video by being killed by his lover’s friend and dumped into a lake. The director, Ottilia Wahl, wanted to represent the ancient Nordic culture through showcasing pagan sacrifice and “Scandinavian melancholy that the very short summers provide before we return back to darkness.” The video also seems to give a nod to the Grimm Brothers tales by setting the scene in a beautiful landscape with an underlying feeling of unsettlement, giving the viewer the idea that everything is not what it seems. Each of the songs on his album talk of young love mixed in with his unique concoction of style and sound.

Raisedin Rågsved, Stockholm, Lil T-Shirt grew up listening to hardcore and punk rock music. Independently though, he developed his own sound through slow, emotional R&B and pop and experimented with samples, auto-tune, and soundscapes similar to artists such as Frank Ocean and 6lack.

If you’re one who loves love and slow songs, check out Lil T-Shirt’s full-length album “Flowers/Lovers” and his single “Summer.” Check out his social media platforms as well.







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