Lou Doillon Teases Us with Her Latest Single “Burn” From Upcoming Album

The model-turned-musician, Lou Doillon, hypnotized us with her talent in her track “Burn.” The song is only a taste of what is to come from her upcoming album Soliloquy, set to be ring in February.

The artist highlights her raspy, mesmerising vocals with her soft pop track. The song is a masterpiece as it includes a perfect balance between the instrumental and the artist’s vocals, a rarity these days. But despite this balance, Doillon’s vocals manage to capture our attention the most and steal the spotlight away from the lyrics and instrumental paired with the track.

With “Burn” the musician hit the jackpot, she managed to make it radio friendly with its pop nature and true to her sound, as well as unique to all the chart topping singles. Therefore attracting new fans and impressing her current ones, who fell for her raspy voice.

The song is reminder of how much of a talent Doillon really emits. We simply can’t wait to hear more from her in her upcoming album.


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Salma Almed

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