Low Sun Releases “Round Soul” From New Album

Low Sun, an alternative duo from Toronto, release their pulsating latest tempo rock track “Round Soul”. With heavy instrumental sounds and soothing vocal tones, this single is definitely ready to break into the alternative/rock audience. With a similar music sound to popular bands like Nirvana and Green Day, there is no doubt this single will have listeners begging to hear more.

Low Sun are one of the many artists under the umbrella of success from Uncarved Block. While staying consistent with Uncarved Block’s mission of focusing on the development of art and music within their artists, the duo holds true to the idea of working to create the belief of music being their greatest ritual. The goal for Low Sun is to offer a compass to their listeners through their music and writing.

“Round Soul” is an exciting track that continues to build in momentum throughout the song. The strength behind the drums and the skill behind the guitar riffs allow for the sound to come together into a powerhouse of rhythm. The energy reflected off “Round Soul” will keep the audiences rocking and singing along throughout the course of the single.  The piece itself was recorded in the most artistic and unique way imaginable. Low Sun were trapped in the freezing cold Smith Falls in Ontario while recording their new album. The band refers to these moments as “reservoirs of impermanent bliss” to inspire their audiences to remember what is important and fight for it, similarly as Low Sun did by creating this album through the hazardous weather conditions.

Low Sun are getting ready to head off on their tour to promote their new album throughout Canada and Europe. The unique and personal concept of their new record is the fact that it will be available on 100 handmade cassettes. Be sure to check out the new single “Round Soul” today!

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