Low Sun Releases Their First Single “Into The Sun” From Upcoming Split Release

Low Sun, based in Toronto, has just released their first single, Into Sun”. The track is taken from a split that the band was able to be a part of called Human Sun with another fellow band from Toronto, Humanities, which will be out July 13. The track will feature two songs from each of the artists.

On to the song Into Sun”, it is nothing but chill vibes. The song is very guitar heavy, but the vocals wrap around it keeping a steady beat all the way through it. To me personally, “Into Sun” is such a calm song for me. I love songs where you can actually hear the guitar between the different riffs and notes. The vocals are not too overpowering, they are powerful just enough so the note changes can be heard in the guitar which I really enjoy with this song.

Lyrically on Into Sun’ we wanted to experiment with how we could dissect and ultimately expand on the seemingly mundane experiences people tend to let pass them by. Mostly, we were curious as to what separates an everyday, or random observation, with one that is powerfully religious in its essence. Sometimes we are unaware that attention and perception are the only things that separate the two.” says Low Sun.

Low Sun also plans to release pieces of their upcoming full length as part of contributing with Humanities, which is planned to release this fall. 

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