LUC Releases The “Glow” With Their latest EP

LUC made this year’s Halloween extra special with the release of their EP Glow. LUC is giving a new life to electronic music. The talented duo is redefining what is known to be electronic music, they are changing the stereotypical belief that electronic has to be ‘dancy’ and nothing more, they are adding depth to the genre. Their unusual futuristic and artistic take on a purely beat dominated genre.

Within the six-track record, the band explores their still in progress sound and identity. The title track has proven to be the most memorable and the one that best defines the duo. “Glow” is a beautiful track and a brilliant introduction to the band. “Glow” takes all we love about electronic and morphes it into a fresh unique sound, that appeals to more than just electronic fans.

They paired their single with an equally artistic music video. The showcased their creativity on a different level with their music video. They proved they are a band of many talents, not just musically. They have a vision, an idea and a creative though they want to communicate.

They are two revolutionaries and their art is testament of that.

Into electronic or not, you will absolutely love LUC.


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Salma Almed

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