Mad Machines Twists a Disney Classic with “Once I Was A Lion”

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Mad Machines is a group of friends who are musicians that have created a whirlwind of rock’n’roll artistry. The band hails from Toronto Ontario Canada, the band bridges gaps between hard rock and funk, punk-noir, dream pop and disco. “Once I Was A Lion” is the first single in a series of three that they plan to release over the course of the year.

“Mad Machines line-up is the result of three separate projects all coming together under one roof. ‘Once I Was A Lion’ is a strange departure of a song for us, it was actually initially inspired by Disney’s The Lion King. I woke up one day with one of the songs from that film in my head and it got me to thinking something along the lines of, ‘what if Simba turned out to be a fuck-up drunkard of a king? Wouldn’t that be funny!’ Since, the song has evolved; I found myself also writing a reflection piece on how at some point or another, we all feel like kings and queens of our respective kingdoms. It’s a feel-good tune and a real fun pop-rocker to play.” Says vocalist and guitarist of the band Jordan Lassalle.

“Once I Was A Lion” is a very pop-rock song which is upbeat and reminds of some old rock-pop bands. To name one band in particular would be The Beatles. I choose to relate them to The Beatles because their music can be viewed as pop-rock, and also the style seems to be almost similar to Mad Machines. Which is a great thing because The Beatles are known as one of the best rock bands to ever exist. The song starts of very rock n roll like but after the first few seconds the pop comes in creating this harmonious beat, which is enjoyable and a pop! I think it’s cool how a Disney movie influenced the idea of the song, while listening to it I was thinking of Simba from The Lion King singing this song, stumbling around all over the place, and having fun being King of his pride.

Mad Machines is to not be taken lightly and they certainly not to be missed. They are up and coming and are overdriven striving to please listeners and reviewers

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Kristen Calderoni

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