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Matt Lande Leads Us “Underground” With The Single to New Album

Portland-based musician Matt Lande has shared his new single “Underground” with the world.

 After serving as a member of Alternative Rock group StorySide: B for 5 years—and releasing 2 acclaimed albums with them within this time—Lande relocated to Portland, OR in 2013 to get a fresh start on his own indie music career.

 His sound is described as a mix of “the angular rock of Kaiser Chiefs and the soaring melodies of Bryan Adams.” In addition to working in film and television as an occasional double or stand-in for various actors, Lande worked tirelessly on his music; the end of 2015 saw Lande release his critically acclaimed album “GLOW.”

 GLOW’s success allowed Lande to continue his musical efforts, eventually self-producing and mixing his most recent project “Boxes,” from which Underground is taken.

 Lande’s Underground is a catchy rock track that’s led by it’s heavy guitar riff. The chorus is one that feels like it was meant to be replayed, and the overall style of the song is likely to gain the alternative rock songster a crowd of new fans. Underground should certainly be a standout track from Boxes.

 Lande describes Boxes as being “about picking up the negative things associated with the past and moving on.” He also states that the album was made with an increased hands-on approach that caused him to make last minute edits to songs just moments before turning in the final product.

 Boxes was released on August 4th and is now available for purchase and streaming! Be sure to check out Underground, as well as the rest of the songs featured on Boxes, and be on the lookout for any future releases!

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