Matthew Chaim Continues His Success With New Hit Single “Focus”

R&B artist Matthew Chaim has just released his new hit rhythmic single ‘Focus’. Chaim has been reaching great success on Spotify, collecting over 2.5 million plays and being the #5 hit on the Spotify Viral Charts for his hit debut “Vanilla Ways”. After working on turning his complete focus towards his music, Chaim is now ready to continue his rise to success.

Aside from having light and vibe sounds, “Focus” has more of a personal meaning behind it than the artist had originally anticipated for. Chaim says the writing process for this track came from a place of self- motivation. After constantly having to pep talk and remind himself to shift all of his attention towards focusing on his music, Chaim realized it was time to quit his full-time job and dive into his music career. Now that Chaim is completely focused, there is nothing in his way of reaching the top of the charts.

With a steady rhythm constant throughout the track, “Focus” creates a vibe that listeners can easily find themselves listening to and getting hooked on. Chaim’s voice brings about a calming and soothing vibration that will get the public in their emotions. By the lyrics describing a relatable of keeping one’s mind focused, it also creates a personable connection with his audience. With R&B sounds similar to that of the currently popular Russ, Chaim is another key artist music industry fans will find themselves falling in love with.

Chaim is also set to release a music video for ‘Focus’, shot completely by himself featuring some of his close friends. Be sure to be on the look out for that; however, for now, stream “Focus” on Spotify and Soundcloud today!

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