Maya Killtron Is Back With A New Retro Dance Track, “WHIPLASH”

Toronto-based singer, DJ, and violinist Maya Killtron is back with her third single “WHIPLASH,” from her Never Dance Alone project. It’s a retro summertime track—a blend of elastic funk, roller rink dance, new jack swing, and candy coated pop with modern electronic production—that’ll really get you moving.

“WHIPLASH,” created in part by producers Milos Angelov and Jesse Bear, and writer Chris Rouse along with Maya herself, was influenced heavily by Michael Jackson’s PYT. Maya says the first time she heard the song “was in my driveway one July and my Dad let me take our little radio outside while I washed the car. PYT jumped out of the speakers and pretty much changed my ears forever. I never listened to music the same way again.”

She channels memories of past summers in her hometown of Brampton, Ontario with the track. In fact, all three of her tracks so far for the Never Dance Alone project—“Bad Decisions” and the title track “Never Dance Alone”—reminisce on the musical influences that pulled her into the music world yet still ultimately produce a Maya Killtron sound.

Interested in the perfect summertime jam? Then make sure to give “WHIPLASH” and all of Maya Killtron’s other tracks a listen through the links below. Also, if you’re into a more subdued sound, take a look around Maya’s YouTube, where she’s recently uploaded videos of her performing with a String Quintet!

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