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Merv Pinny Addresses The Crisis Of Refugees With “Wipe Out”

It’s oftentimes that music isn’t just for the sake of entertainment, but for the sake of a cause. New Zealand rock and roll composer/singer Merv Pinny does just that with his latest single and music video, “Wipe Out.” Released back in April, the viral track was written in response to the refugee crisis currently plaguing the world today. Last year, Merv Pinny dropped his first socially aware single “OB Can You Hear the Children Cry” which “portrayed the effects of refugee immigration on children.” “Wipe Out” tells the heartbreaking (and true) story of a refugee who lost his entire family and now has to deal with his new status as a refugee, expressing the frustration set deep in him as he’s forced to adapt to a new life with its driving, heavy metal sound, expressive vocals, and striking visuals.

According to the official press release, “[the] music video opens with an image of a man in a gas mask running along the edge of a cliff, pursued by a fleet of helicopters, while driving, insistent guitar chords rise up. The frustration and anger that refugees experience is not often spoken about. The music video and single add to the mounting conversations surrounding the effects of war on refugees.” “Wipe Out” absolutely gets its message across plain and clear. It’s no wonder the music video went viral, already reaching over 1.6 million views to date. All music sale proceeds will go to World Vision International, global Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice, particularly assisting Syrian children since 2011.

As for Merv Pinny himself, he’s been playing music his entire life. When he was 15, he left school to work the farm by day and rock and roll by night. His drive and hard work brought to him a Top 20 single, nominations for Best Country Rock Album at the New Zealand Music Awards and Best Vocals at the Waikato Rock Awards, and a win at the Waikato Rock Awards where his single “Destiny” was named Best Rock Single of the Year. Nowadays, as you can see, Merv Pinny uses his musical talents to shed light on modern issues in the world, including war, the refugee crisis, and terrorism.

Who knows what he’ll drop next? Another viral hit? We hope so! You can check out more information on Merv Pinny as well as the music videos for both “Wipe Out” and “OB Can You Hear the Children Cry” at the links below!

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