Mia LJ Collabs With Radio Smash and SM1LO To Bring Us “Love To Hurt”

Mia LJ, just shy into her 20’s, collaborated with Radio Smash and SM1LO to introduce an unforgettable sound called “Love to Hurt.” Mia LJ is a trendy, passionate singer-songwriter and producer who has taught herself six instruments. Her sound is unique and inspiring as it reaches the ears of youth in her generation.

“Love to Hurt” is an constant up-tempo electronic musical sound that tastefully collides the indie and pop sound. The song is contagious in a way that forces you to dance and sing with the waves of its toxicating musical upbeat. The textured beats create diversity with the instruments to your ears as Mia LJ’s clean and youthful vocals reach her fans. The brilliant lyrics like “this pain is pleasure and I’m drowning in your wave” is soulful, yet illustrates a toxic relationship. I enjoyed the way her voice softens then fades into the background as the instruments almost drowns her voice out leading to the end of the chorus “I love to hurt, I love to hurt, I love love I love to hurt.

The intensity of the lyrics along with the upbeat rhythm, creates a sea of emotional memories on how love is sometimes an enjoyable pain that we have all partaken in.

Now, Mia LJ is preparing to release her first album “This Livin’” which she has self-produced, mixed, and mastered. The talented, young go-getter is inspiration for not only the youth of her generation, but all. Clearly, nothing is impossible to conquer. Mia LJ is claiming a spot into our favorite record collections.

Listen to Love To Hurt on spotify.

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