MIA LJ Is Back With New Single “Take Me To That Night”

New York based singer, Mia LJ is back with her single “Take Me To That Night” off of her new album, “This Livin”. It is her second single to be released since her critically acclaimed EP, “These Are The Years”, in 2016. The singer herself describes the song as, “more sensual than sexual” as she discusses the story behind the song. Mia LJ wrote it about a girl she developed feelings for and wanted “to re-create the high that was triggered during intimate nights we’d shared.”

The 19-year-old singer starts off her single with a soulful croon that gradually begins to pick up and will get you on your feet by the chorus. Her voice is incredibly soothing and warm over a funky drum and guitar that melts into an upbeat angsty chorus. “Take Me To That Night” is the perfect blend of indie-alternative-soul that you need to add to your summer playlist!

Mia LJ has tirelessly been working to share her talent with the masses. She’s been singing since 1997 and plans to take the music world by storm. “Take Me To That Night” has racked up over 10,000 views/streams in the past week and she has zero plan of stopping there.

While you’re waiting for her highly anticipated album “This Livin” to drop, check her out on all of her social media platforms and be sure to listen to “Take Me To That Night” here!

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