Mia LJ Releases Three Preview Tracks Setting Up For Her Debut Album

Young, passionate, and in touch with the cries of her generation Mia LJ is set to release her debut album This Livin, a follow-up to her debut EP These are the Years, which she independently wrote and recorded at only 14 years old.  Now in her early twenties, Mia LJ continues to amaze her followers on YouTube with her music videos.  Not only is she stunning on screen, but Mia LJ is also a multi-talented musician who plays six instruments (all self-taught).  Additionally, she is a producer, engineer, singer, and songwriter.  Ahead of her album that’s due out this summer she has released three preview tracks, “Polaroid”, “Ambiguous”, and “This Livin”.

During an interview with Girl Gang Music, Mia LJ explains how “Polaroid” came to be.  “This song was quite free flowing with no exact inspiration going in.  Lyrically, I talk about the affects love has on the heart metaphorically from a perspective focused upon the affects drugs have on the brain.”  Just as drugs create instant gratification to a point where an addiction can take place, Mia sees the heart having the same response to love.  It is that need to fill a void, to find satisfaction.  The song is an exploration of something that doesn’t have a distinct formula.  It’s no wonder it flowed out of her seamlessly, with no specific structure.

“This Livin” focuses on young love and the freedom that’s found in taking life easy.  It’s about capturing a moment and enjoying it to the fullest.  It’s about embracing love and finding satisfaction in it.  There’s something about the music production that beckons the soul to introspect.  You find yourself with the desire to hang onto the times when you forget your problems and enjoy the subtleties of life, like the moonlight on a cool night or the heat of the sun on your face.  “This Livin” awakens love, passion, and youthful innocence in the listener.

“Ambiguous” is a slow jam with dubstep elements that get you moving instantly.  The song’s intent, however, is best portrayed in the music video she made for it.  Reflecting on the title, Mia is seen as a bi-sexual lover who is experimenting with drugs and alcohol.  It’s a portrayal of her confusion in her sexual identity and the substances that cater to the confusion or, at best, “clear” the mind momentarily.  It’s no wonder the song’s strength is in the chorus where she sings a series of oohs and ohs followed by the words “let go”.  It’s as if the ultimate expression of the ambiguity she feels can only be expressed in the sexual and chemical high she’s experiencing.  No words can fully describe how she feels which leaves the song open to multiple interpretations.

All three singles are a sufficient preview of what’s to come in the album.  The entire work promises to be impressive.  Mia LJ was in charge of every step of the production.  Unlike her debut EP, however, she collaborated with other musicians for some of the tracks in This Livin.  This was a big step for Mia and a sign of continued growth for her as an artist.  It is honorable for someone as talented as she is to allow input from other artists in her productions.  Two thumbs up Mia LJ!  We look forward to hearing more about you in the ensuing months.

For more information about Mia LJ find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Have a listen to all the preview tracks on Spotify.  Enjoy the music!

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