Michael Paradise Promotes Good Vibes With “Meant 2 Be”

Toronto indie pop artist, Michael Paradise shares with us his latest single, “Meant 2 Be”. It’s a very laid back single and very calming as well.

“I wanted to let go of all the tensions, self-awareness and doubts, and mind games to make a carefree song that feels good – “Meant 2 Be” is the end result. It’s part of the idea behind the name, Michael ParadiseI’m trying to tap into a side of me, and society at large, that is willing to put yourself out there, be vulnerable, and creatively express yourself without fear of judgement.” Says Michael.

Michael Paradise worked alongside Goldchain who is exceptionally talented at both producing and curating, which made the recording process easier for Paradise. Goldchain helped to musically direct the project and pushed Paradise to better himself as an artist.

“Meant 2 Be” is available on SoundCloud for all listening pleasures!


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Kristen Calderoni

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