Muneshine Teams Up With The Darcys To Go “Full Throttle”

JUNO Award nominated producer, Muneshine, has recently teamed up with The Darcys to release a hot new track. This track was an exploration for both parties. Both have stepped out of their comfort zones to bring to us “Full Throttle”, an upbeat, un-disco song.  This packs the heat, and is possibly something that will be a summer time anthem.

“Full Throttle” dives into the process of shedding the weight one’s problems.  There are times where life is increasingly heavy on our shoulders, may it be work stress, school, love, etc. All waves have to crash though, and we can make strides to escape all of the barriers life throws in our paths. From a production standpoint, this track is phenomenal. The mixing is very well done, along with the vocals and beat.  These artists have really seem to really hit it off, musically. It just goes to show that there are no limits to what creative minds can do, once they collide. Munshine has explained that both of them share dark senses of humor, which made the sessions an “evil pleasure.” Maybe we can see them collaborate again in the future.

You can find “Full Throttle” and a lot of other great music on Muneshine’s Spotify and Soundcloud.   I recommend listening to “All Night”, for a snappy, funky track, and it can be found on his Soundcloud.  While you’re digesting his sounds, be sure to check out his media pages, to stay up to speed with what he is up to! Listen on and enjoy!

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