Muneshine’s “Full Throttle” Gets Shot Into Outer Space With A Remix From Du Tonc

JUNO award nominated producer, Muneshine, released his new track “Full Throttle” earlier this summer. The track is upbeat and very pop inspired. It is a great song for a good pick me up and very jazzy. An easy song to dance to!

It gets even better, this upbeat song was remixed by Du Tonc, what he does with the song is that he has doubled down on the dance floor rhythms, adding an otherworldly energy combined with a relentless groove.

“Du Tonc’s ‘Darkness’ was a really big song for me. I came across it on Soundcloud when I was first starting to explore making music that wasn’t at least somewhat related to hip hop. I’ve always been a fan of disco, nu-disco and dance music in-general, but there was something special about that track that really grabbed me and continues to stick with me. When Full Throttle was mixed and mastered and it came time to consider artists to remix it, Du Tonc was top-of-mind. They found a way to maintain some of it’s original energy, but really shot it deep into outer space as well. I’m so grateful they were down to work together with us on this project, they crushed it!” Muneshine says about his collaboration with Du Tonc.

A music video for the remix of “Full Throttle” contains visuals that showcase a world surrounded by a fog covered metropolis. The story revolves around a dynamic dancer and a mysterious hero in the form of a car, stylishly directed with homages to 80s cinema, film noir, and b-movie flourishes by RJ Sanchez. The video acts as a perfect accompaniment for the song.

The Du Tonc’s remix for “Full Throttle” is available on Hopefully in the future these two will collaborate more and create more high energetic music!

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