Nate Daviau’s Wishes He Could Be The Man He Once Was With “Miss Him Too”

Nate Daviau’s new single, “Miss Him Too,” represents the current world of country music. While he maintains the beloved twang of classic country, there are also elements of pop and rock throughout the track. Daviau says of his music, “The sentiment of the experiences I write about are not original. In my music, I often describe universal feelings and common occurrences. This is how I make my songs relatable.”

Matching Daviau’s own description of his music, “Miss Him Too” tells the timeless story of a lover who has changed, and their partner is ending things. Unlike the usual response, however, the man in this song acknowledges that he has become something less than he was before. He, too, wishes that he could be the person he once was by saying “You miss the man you fell in love with, well honey, I miss him too.” The couple laments the loss together. Daviau idealizes a usually messy situation, allowing us to imagine how things could be with a more self-aware individual.

This is the perfect track to blast on an evening drive through the countryside or beside a cozy, weekend bonfire. Listen through just once or twice, and you’ll be belting out the catchy chorus.

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