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Nescora Comes To The “Rescue” With New Single Off Upcoming Debut Album

Manhattan-born singer-songwriter Nescora breezes in with bluesy rhythms and unique vocals in his new single “Rescue,” from his upcoming debut album Some Place Some Where set to release July 21st. His sound is a blend of folk rock with sweet hints of blues and country, creating a sound reminiscent of Tom Petty and Father John Misty.

Nescora’s music career reaches back to his teen years when he performed in a harmony group at the Apollo, winning Amateur night six weeks in a row, all thanks to his love of Motown. Dipping away from music for a while, he moved to Puerto Rico where he was recruited to play professional basketball and later on the Olympic Basketball Team. While working at an Irish Pub there, he was exposed to other forms genres of music: rock ‘n’ roll, acoustic and world music, etc. From there, he travelled through South America before returning to New York to work as a massage therapist. Back with music, Nescora has assembled a group with which he can release the songs he’s written over the years.

Some Place Some Where is an eight-track album filled to the brim with poignant stories—an overall honky tonk-tinged confessional. Some of the songs have rather interesting backstories, such as “Buy U a Mini Coop,” written about the singer’s heartbreak when his favorite checkout girl moves away, and “Days Are Gone,” a song brought to Nescora in a dream by his departed mother. The singer claims, “She came into my room with an old turntable and a record and said, ‘I have a song for you.’ I listened studiously and when I woke up I recorded it verbatim.”

With such an interesting background and variety in song inspirations, there’s no doubt that Nescora is sure to please with Some Place Some Where. You can give “Rescue” a listen at his Soundcloud, linked below, and check out more about the singer-songwriter on his website and other social media pages!

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