Nick Lamb Bares His Heart With Two Latest Singles

With the inspirations of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Axle Rose, up and coming musician ,Nick Lamb, falls in between the two. His twangy voice and sheer lyrics in his new song “Getting High Off You” brag about the never ending happiness his wife brings into his life. The track is uplifting and fun, showing off Lamb’s sensitive yet transparent outlook on what love means to him. The guitar solo midway through completes the ambience of the song. Lamb’s other song “Simple Man” is about his definition of what it means to be simple. To Lamb, it means to be a man “who just wants to fall in love, raise a family and take care of them”. He appears to have loyalty to himself through his music. As is his own guitar lead, rhythm, and bass, Lamb’s talents make him unique and favorable. The California based singer will continue to awe his new and growing fan base with his inventive lyrics and rock’n’roll melodies.



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Taylor Papadakis

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