Norine Braun Will View The World “Through Train Windows” With New Album

Vancouver-based artist Norine Braun will be releasing her album, “Through Train Windows”, on December 7th. She has won and been nominated for many awards for her music, her most recent being the 2018 Western Canadian Music Award Nominee Spiritual Artist of the Year.

My first impression of Braun is that her sound is like First Nations artist Buffy Sainte-Marie. Very folksy with bluesy jazz overlays yet simultaneously fast paced movement commonly heard in alternative rock which I like.

The album is inspired from her Canada Riding the Rails tour where she connected more with nature, life, and the travelers she met throughout all of Canada. I think she finds an ideal balance between these sounds, equaling out both speeds of each song like the flow of a journey or if you were on a cross country trip, experiencing a variety of emotions that are affected by the sights and sounds you are exposed to.

“Through Train Windows” is a road trip all on its own and I thoroughly enjoy the album overall. My personal favorite songs off the album though are “I’m Going Home”, “Climbing Tabletop Mountain”, and “Jerkwater Town.” I encourage to take a listening trip through this album once it is released. Check out her social media platforms as well.


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Kaitlyn Smith

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