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Nuela Charles Makes An Upbeat Hit That Exudes Attitude With “Do It Right”

Nuela Charles is breaking the rules and blending genres and producing something extraordinarily doing so. Her latest single “Do It Right is perfect example of that. The track is a soul influenced pop track. It has all it takes to make a hit and we can’t get enough of it.

The distinguishing factor that makes this song different than anything ever released is the undeniable attitude present throughout the song. The attitude can be sensed from the lyrics along with Charles’ voice. Upon hearing this track one can’t help but feel curious to learn more about the artist and the urge to get to know her on a personal level. There is such fun contagious energy radiating of this track. The lyrics, the music and the overall vibe of the song are simply addicting. Charles’ vocals are so strong and this track showcases her talent.

“Do It Right” is just a taste of Charles’ new material that’s yet to be released. No words can describe the beauty of this track, you just have to listen yourself.




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