Ocean Potion Plays “In The Grass” With Their Debut Single

Ocean Potion, a band based in Toronto, delivers a bittersweet tale of the sudden end to childhood friendships with their debut single, “In The Grass.”

The song itself takes you on a journey of what it is like to have a fallout with someone who was once the closest person to you. “The person who was your best friend is out of your life forever,” the band shares with Audible Addixion. “It’s about looking back on those relationships, and wondering where that person ended up in life after your paths separated.”

For those who have drifted apart from close childhood relationships, this single hits home in the most beautiful, touching, and creative form. “In The Grass” will awaken emotions you didn’t even know or forgot you had. It is truly a work of art.

Ocean Potion started as Mike O’Brien and Jason Haberman began to collaborate their creative minds. Following the successful tour of their respective bands, Zeus and Yukon Blonde, the duo set forth to join forces and began writing and recording together.

The origin story of Ocean Potion is a heartwarming tale that led to the greatness of “In The Grass”. O’Brien and Haberman reveal an inside scoop of how the band formulated by sharing details of the night they truly connected. They disclosed, “we really bonded one night on the road when Mike and his bandmates jammed carrot sticks and cauliflower chunks into Jason’s eyes, ears, nose, and throat.” Talk about Veggie Tales!

Nonetheless, after the two came to their senses, they realized they should collaborate to create excellence. “We realized that we had a lot more in common than just vegetables and decided to document our commonalities in the form of an LP, set for release later this year.”

As we eagerly wait for their LP to be released, “In The Grass” is now available for streaming via Soundcloud. You can also check out the official music video on YouTube.

Be sure to look out for Ocean Potion’s upcoming LP!

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