Olive B Falls In Love With “Joey Moon”

In her new hit “Joey Moon”, Olive B’s voice transcends into her lyrics of falling in love faster than she ever imagined possible. The song is in response to her previous song “Always You” which was debuted at the end of April.

The Toronto  R&B singer, with her luscious brown hair and piercing eyes, has made quite a platform for herself in just about a year. Her voice is vibrant yet gentle, and her three hits out right now discuss the topics of what love means to her.

Her lyrics in her new song “Joey Moon” explore what it’s like to fall in love and how that sensation can make you feel out of this world. As her fan base grows, Olive B remains optimistic of her future in music industry.

With her raspy yet gentle voice, Olive B creates uplifting and positive music that seems to  stray away from the stereotype of typical R&B music. Her songs don’t use profanity and in a world where hate seems to be more popular than love, she breaks down the wall and creates music that can be cherished by everyone.


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Taylor Papadakis

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