Once Around Saturn Is Set to Make “These Promises” With New EP

Coming in from the cosmos is Australian synth pop artist, Once Around Saturn, is set to release their new EP, These Promises, on June 29th.   OAS is heavily influenced by the 80’s’ keyboard heavy acts, such as Genesis.  After giving the EP a good amount of replays, I can easily say that I have been audibly pleased.

The EP really seems to encompass a cosmic vibe, almost like we too are taking a trip around Saturn.  This is definitely a handful of songs that I can lay under the stars and think about life here, there, and beyond. My personal favorite track is definitely one that stands out amongst the rest, “Fortress of Love.” The track features vocals from Amanda Easton, and they go so well with the synth. It makes one think about the walls we build around ourselves and love.  Another highpoint of the EP is the titular track “These Promises.”  The best way to explain the sound would be “cosmically soulful.” Overall, I highly recommend taking some time to give this project a listen.  It’s well produced and will not disappoint.

Be sure to keep an eye and ear out for the project to drop, and in the meantime, check out Once Around Saturn on various media platforms.  Listen on.

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