Patrick Grant Continues Showcasing His New Age Composition Of Mind-Bending Sounds With “FIELDS AMAZE and other sTRANGE MUSIC”

Composer and musician Patrick Grant has returned to the new age composition world with yet another fantastic work of mind-bending sounds. “FIELDS AMAZE and other sTRANGE MUSIC” is a 20 year anniversary re-release of his first album “Fields Amaze”.  The mixing is updated with additional songs and original content. With Patrick Grant playing the piano, keyboards, electric guitars, gamelan, and percussion, he is joined by an ensemble of talent to provide the remaining strings and wind instruments heard throughout. This horror movie inspired melodic barrage of sound is a fun and necessary listen.

Kicked off by the song “Keeping Still”, the albums sets the tone with a moody gamelan and a conjecting keyboard that feels out of place until its second set where it shows you its rhythmic purpose. The melody is choppy with a diverse flow that foreshadows the adventure proceeding.

The eight minute long “Fields Amaze” shines a light on Patricks key sense of timing and rhythm. It’s experimental, it’s intense, and it’s gratifying. The gradual upbeat tempo keeps you locked in sonically, allowing your head to be periodically ambushed by waves of a harsh piano, sending you on a chase for the conclusion. “Fields Amaze” traps you in the movie Patrick is rolling.

This movie isn’t always pleasant, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. With the horror theme in play, this album sets you inside the picture as the main character on a path to peace. The sonic breaks allow for multiple instrumental styles to smoothly blend into one formulaic sound. With tracks like “Everything Distinct”, and The Weights of Numbers” being examples of diversifying the mood, they maintain their eerie feeling much thanks to the consistent gamelan. They’re a shift in the matrix where things seem to be lightening up, when in reality it’s still as raw as ever.

The two part track “Imaginary Horror Film” plays in the second and thirds act of the project, providing a spiraling experience. The rapid drums and percussion add a sense of urgency accompanying the wind and keys giving a relieving breathe without the exhale. This is due to the closer being led by electrifying vocals by Lisa Karrer and a futuristic turn around from the preceding tracks. Leaving the audience in a state of reassurance. The aura surrounding the song is ghastly, possibly symbolizing a heavenly entrance, or simple clarity.

“FIELDS AMAZE and other sTRANGE MUSIC” is special from beginning to end with the blend of raw instrumental sounds and wild tempos. Patrick Grant and his ensemble fell nothing close to short with this wild and experimental adventure. You can hear this and the rest of his catalogue on all major streaming/purchasing services or you can visit his website. End your spooky season correctly with Fields Amaze!

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