Paul Maged Gets The Anti-Trump Rally Going With “The Resistance

New York rock renegade, Paul Maged, shares with us his new hard rock single, “The Resistance”. The single opens up with powerful guitars that are tough and setting the tone for the song dark. Maged’s growling voice comes in and gives the single more of an edge vibe.

“The Resistance” contains one of Maged’s heaviest guitar riffs and featuring a gritty in your face vocal performance with unapologetic lyrics. Maged, a man possessed, leads The Resistance against the morally bankrupt and criminally corrupt President.

“We originally anticipated this song fitting nicely on Paul’s next EP and while it still will, it is a relentless punch to the gut that deserves its own fight.” Says producer of the song, Sean Gill.

“The Resistance” is a powerful song with a forceful message. The music video shows protestors, anger, and notorious realities of resistance to authority. It is available on for listening pleasures.


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Kristen Calderoni

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