Paul Maged Releases His New EP, “Light Years Away”

Paul Maged has released his EP, “Light Years Away”, which will be the first in a trilogy of Ep’s he has yet to release.

Maged calls his new music “a natural progression in my songwriting exploration with a more ambitious and eclectic sound.”

Comedy was his first passion and he led a successful career, having appeared on Saturday Night Live, and starring in independent films. When starting to venture into the music world, he wanted to somehow mesh the two of his passions together.

So, on “Light Years Away”, he did just that with his music video for the title track. For the video Maged, “parodies his comedy days; playing animated versions of himself as comedy characters he played during his decade plus in comedy. His “comedy band” includes Stoner Moonshine on bass guitar, Italian Chef/Mafioso Vinny Tortellini on lead guitar and legendary Porn Star Randy Phella on drums.”

“Light Years Away” has been described as being, “”Charged with political stance and thought, Paul Maged’s second album is in your face and carries some strong personal opinions that one might do well to prick an ear to.” All 7 songs on the EP are thought provoking and filled with catchy guitar solos and lyrics.

My personal favorite from this EP is the track “Moment of Strength” which Maged describes it as “Billy Joel meets The Killers meets Michael Jackson” and I couldn’t agree more. It’s upbeat with a pop and smooth rock combination. The Michael Jackson pitched vocals and ad libs make it extremely catchy and inspiring.

You can listen to “Light Years Away” in its entirety, here!

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