Pete Mancini Drifts To The Finish Line With “Pine Box Derby”

New York vocalist Pete Mancini delivers a new heartfelt single preceding his upcoming sophomore album with “Pine Box Derby”. This track tells a story of Pete at an unfortunate low, struggling to find peace within himself by battling his fears head on, no matter how bad he wishes he could find a single path like a pine box derby car and drift into the finish line with ease.

Pete Mancini is dealing with the loss of a loved one during the chorus, regretting past actions and longing to find his way. He learns that pain is a recurring feeling throughout life and the only way to heal is to face it head on despite the bumpy roads. Like a pine box derby car, we can’t reverse or take back past regrets, but we can use the slope of the road to accelerate us forwards.

Pete’s smooth, emotional voice carries the track from beginning to end with electric interludes that reset the tempo of each verse. The acoustic guitar supports the emotional quality while maintaining a folky base.  The lyrics are memorable, relatable, and intimate with a soft thematic approach. Be sure to check out this single and the rest of Pete Mancini’s music on his Soundcloud, or visit his website, and don’t forget! His album comes out early 2019 so be on the look for more singles!


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Kyle Alvey

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