Peter Senior Lives “On The Edge” With Latest Album Preparing For The Holiday Season

Peter Senior, a Sydney based musician, released his latest album “On the Edge” on September 7th. He is also releasing a holiday single titled “The Christmas Tree” on December 9th. His sound is one of blue-eyed country soul that is like Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen though Senior is more boisterous with his vocals which he likely inherited from his background performing in musicals and from his family’s musical background as well.

The album crosses many different genres itself though from country to soft rock and has great instrumental performance that remind me of Billy Joel’s live performances and the energy that exudes from his instruments. Senior’s vocals I feel are almost trying too hard to sound like Joel though I will say that how he projects his voice and reaches max volume yet holds a steady pitch is impressive. The jazz sounds that he uses within this album remind me oddly of the “Oliver and Company” soundtrack that Billy Joel sang on which I like though I preferably wouldn’t listen to on a regular basis. Overall, the songs on “On the Edge” are mood boosters though, making you feel as if you’re looking out the window of a car on a sunny day or dancing by yourself around the house on a Sunday. The songs I like the most though are “Baby I love you” and “The Edge” because of their joyful sound and constant beat patterns.

Senior’s holiday single “The Christmas Tree” is my favorite of his songs and I feel could become a fan favorite over time as well. I like how he created a holiday tune that doesn’t sound like anyone but himself. It stands out against other Christmas songs and points out the joys, sights, and sounds that Christmas brings along with it each year. Perfect for enjoying the holidays and reminiscing about the pure happiness it brought in many people’s childhood.

So, go ahead, check out Peter Senior’s album “On the Edge” available now on Spotify and his holiday single “The Christmas Tree” out December 9th. Check out his other social media platforms as well.


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