Places Erupt Discusses Internet Trolling With Music Video For “Bloggers”

Toronto band, Places Erupt, have shared their music video “Bloggers” with us which is about online trolling. The video was made possible thanks to a FACTOR grant the band received last year. The purpose of the video is to depict a character who shies away from expressing his extreme political beliefs face to face with people, just to go home and rant at nauseam online – unhinged and uninhibited. It was filmed by Pedja Milosavljevic of Balkanada, an independent production house.

The band’s music and writing style would be to, “Visualize orchestral music, rock, shoegaze and post-punk swirling about in a tornado.” As the band says about themselves.

“The political beliefs that the character espouses and those of the people he encounters in public are purposefully vague. The buttons that co-workers and passersby wear are yellow and blue, while the main character has a poster at home that’s purple and orange (the exact opposites of yellow and blue). The colors symbolize a polarity of political opinions that exist between him and everyone else. We didn’t want the buttons to represent a particular issue – rather, we wanted the focus to be on the phenomenon of trolling, where people shirk away from expressing their political opinions unless they’re under the safe shield of cyber anonymity. It’s become a terrifying and unhealthy side effect of the internet, poisoning discourse and breeding hate.” Places Erupt says about “Bloggers”.

Places Erupt has an upcoming EP, 45, coming out soon. “Bloggers” is the first single of 45, as the band says 45 was inspired by lashing out and laughing at the terrifying times in which people are currently living in. Its lyrical content covers everything from Tinder to tourists to trolling.

“Bloggers” is available on YouTube for all listening and reviewers pleasures!

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