Producer and Engineer, Kellr, Releases His First Single From Upcoming Debut EP, “Faded”

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KELLR is a music producer, mixer, and engineer who just released his brand new single “Faded” featuring Matt Giraud (American Idol Season 8) and July 3-0 (The A’z). “Faded” is the first single off KELLR’s upcoming debut EP “Hear My Voice”, planned for a Summer 2017 release.

The lyrics for “Faded” were co-written by Giraud and Davis Mallory (Real World Denver) the single came about during a writing session when the instrumental for “Faded” caught their attention. The single was recorded and produced by KELLR between Nashville and California.

Listening to “Faded” I experienced an R&B/Pop feel to the song. Listening to it over a couple if times I also got a Hip Hop vibe style. KELLR creates a lot of music- from old school hip-hop to future-sounding electronic, and everything in between. So basically KELLR creates a little bit of everything because of his heavy passion for music.

“My intent is to create music that stands out, is instantly identifiable, and speaks to emotion.” KELLR says.

A powerful lyric in “Faded” that stood out to me was, “Must not know about me.” I feel that this lyric speaking to emotion. Not only to who KELLR is addressing in his song, but to reviewers/listeners to the song. KELLR’s music stands out and to me personally “Must not know about me” is KELLR’s way is saying here I am and this is my music and you should listen my music because it is so different because it is mixed so well and definable.

July 3-0 who recorded the vocals,  makes “Faded” stand out well too. They are strong and emotional. Listeners of electronic pop and hip hop would definitely enjoy “Faded”. It is upbeat, different and so passionate which makes it a very enjoyable song to listen to.

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