Rapcore Group Xombie Leads off Upcoming Album with Single, “Might As Well”

Rapcore group Xombie are showing the world what they’ve got next in the form of “Might As Well.” The track comes from the New York City-based group’s upcoming album Super Cell which was produced by Eric Castillo and mastered by John Naclerio.

Frankly, this isn’t Xombie’s first rodeo. The band already has three EPs to their name, and their videos have featured very familiar faces like Kimbo Slice and Juliya Chernetsky.

After launching a Kickstarter in 2012—and subsequently raising $11,000—the group toured throughout throughout the year alongside a slew of popular names such as Cappadonna, Psychostick, and Butcher Babies. Moreover, the quintet has played at CBGB, the biggest music festival in New York City.

In 2013, drummer Rob Patierno was replaced by Eric Castillo before they began working on their fourth project. They’ve since completed it and “Might As Well” is sure to give listeners a good sense of what Xombie is planning to deliver.

 “Might As Well” will certainly be a highlight on Xombie’s forthcoming project.

The track includes band members Atom Crews (Lead Vocals), Roy Galvan (Lead Guitar), Robert Fishkin (Lead guitar), “Cadillac” Mike Martabano (Bass), and Eric Castillo (Drums), and starts out strong with an aggressive, captivating guitar riff.

One can only notice how instrument-driven the 3-minute track is, which fortunately works very well for the song in conjunction with Crews’s energetic vocal showcase. In essence, “Might As Well” clearly continues to build on the musical success of Xombie, and one can hope that the rest of the songs on Super Cell will follow its path.

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