Raveen Creates Magic With New Single “Always”

Looking for some smooth tunes? How about ambient, too? Haunting? Ethereal? Whichever it is, you’ve come to the right place. Montreal-based electronic trio Raveen, comprised of vocalist/producer Eric Seguin, bassist/producer Stokely Diamantis, and drummer Peter Colantonio, have just released “Always,” a single from their upcoming debut full-length album of the same name. Personally, I could always listen to this song, it’s that amazing. (… Okay, sorry, that was pretty terrible.) Always is set to release on July 28th via So Sorry Records, and if the rest of the tracks are anything like this one, get hyped, they’re bound to be just as great.

Raveen draws from a wide variety of styles, from Pop, Jazz, and R&B to Electro-acoustic and Electronic music, when creating their signature “moving and honest emotional songs.” Press for the band has boasted that Raveen is “a band situated at the crossroads of acoustic and electronic music traditions, with emotional and organic songwriting augmented by modern production and sound design.” The song finds the band working with an expansive sound and scope. Subdued and lush songwriting is anchored by vulnerable, heartfelt lyrics presented as a pensive cohesive whole with contributions from multiple vocalists and a string quartet. The blend of sounds works in a way where each individual instrument or voice is highlighted at some point without being drowned out by everything else, while altogether the sounds mesh beautifully. In fact, just a side note: the airy introduction, with its lilting vocals and light piano theme, is so atmospheric… it reminds me of the background music of a fantasy game of sorts, mystical and enchanting. So if that’s your thing, check out the new single on their Soundcloud.

According to the band, this “track came together immediately after our singer/producer Eric took a long and introspective trip to Europe. There’s a lot of love in this song. Thematically, it serves as a good summary of the of rest of the record; themes of loss as it relates lost love but also grief, and the perceived loss of something magic in the early stages of adulthood.”

Raveen is set to tour several locations Canada through the end of July and into August. For specific tour dates and locations, see the band’s website, and if you’re free and nearby, make sure to check them out live! And again, look forward to the release of Always on July 28th!

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