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Review: Aniyah Simone` releases new EP entitled, ‘Fantacy Edition’

aniyah simone

Genre: Pop, R&B

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If Danity Kane was to be resurrected into a singular musician it would be the rich-voiced Aniyah Simone`.  She satisfies any fan of Pop/R&B with her soothing vocals and the different sounds invoked on her EP Fantacy Edition.

Deciding at the tender, young age of six that singing and music were her passions, she has grown to do things like performing for charity cancer events, acting on stage in “Weight for a Man”, and even opened for famous soul-singer, Anthony Hamilton. The Las Vegas singer uses music as a way to escape her surroundings and doesn’t disappoint.

The slow love ballad, “Love Addicting”, has a simple melody with deep vocals and beautiful lyrics on what makes love addicting. The second song, “Fantasy” features CJ Hilton and is a more sensual 80’s-style song. Hilton and Simone`s voices meld together perfectly for a summer-love song, straight from a Flashdance/Dirty Dancing movie soundtrack. What really solidifies Simone’ as a versatile artist are her songs “T.G.I.F.” And “Guitar”. Eddie Fuse’s hard-hitting rap on “T.G.I.F.” brings to life this electric, hip-hop track that spawns the imagination for a music video complete with dance breaks in a club. The final song, “Guitar” rounds out her EP with and old school rock guitar combined with an R&B beat to make something completely new and extra amazing.

It’s only the beginning for Aniyah Simone’ and her EP proves that she can be a star!

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