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Review: Brother + Company: Indie Rock Group Mixes Genres to Compete in the Modern Rock World with new EP, “Run”

brothers1Genre: Indie Rock/Pop, Dance, Classic Rock
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Music: Website | Spotify | Youtube | Soundcloud

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In the modern world of rock n’ roll, versatility is a necessity. And versatility is what the two sets of brothers of Brother + Company deliver in the new EP, RUN.

Brothers Jake and Josh Briggs and brothers Steven and Marcus Rutherford formed the neo-Indie group in January 2014 relying on the shrill guitar riffs and heavy drums, á la Two Door Cinema Club, as a basis.

However, in RUN, the group tactfully constructs elements from other genres exposing the great, potential versatility of the new band. In the first song, “Search Team”, Brother + Company incorporates the electro-urgency of dance music with the compassion and simplicity of the lyrics, making the final result something of a David Guetta and Of Monsters and Men collaboration.

In “Gypsy Queen”, “Take This Love”, and “Awake”, the group returns to the Indie-rock roots, relying on the build up of the guitar and drum solos to carry simple, yet relatable lyrics through the bridge of the songs. The band utilizes the bridges as advantage points to expose all of the material they had adopted from different genres with the core guitar riffs and heavy drums of Indie rock. However, the free-for-all bridges are constructed with care- the band builds the new dance/pop elements around the piercing repetition of the guitar solo, the fast drums, and rapid lyric repetition.brothers2

“Runaway” is the closest the band gets to hard rock n’ roll. Lead singer Jake Briggs strays from the light-hearted, folk-inspired lyrics and turns to a mournful prose, showing the most depth in emotion in this song of the songs in the EP. This new prose, as well as his soulful croons and the heavy, hard rock-influenced guitar riffs, adds to the angry desperation of the song, making the band appear more rugged and soulful; not as soft as approach they took in the prior songs.

The EP is found on Spotify, the original Soundcloud link, and iTunes as of March 25. The band’s hit, “Gypsy Queen”, was featured on’s 2016 Alt Sound Spotify playlist on June 14. Check out the music here

Guitarist Marcus Rutherford, lead singer Jake Briggs, and bassist Josh Briggs perform at the Toad Suck Daze concert in Conway.


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