Rod Clemmons Makes His Debut With New Album “What’s Up? It’s Me”

Rod Clemmons has always had an ear for music, from the age of 4 he had started learning the classical piano and from there his passion for music only got stronger. After he graduated from university, his distinctive sound resulted in him becoming a producer at Verdict Records. His work as a producer was all he was known for until he released his debut album last month and showcased his talent.

The artist’s debut album “What’s Up? It’s Me” is a reflection of the artist as a creative passionate musician. The artist was responsible for almost every detail of the album, as he arranged, mixed and engineered the record alongside producing and singing. After so much time spent producing for other artists, it is interesting to see Clemmons create something that is entirely him.

The record is slightly influenced by the early 2000’s, when R&B was at its peak. One of the record’s most memorable tracks is the final track “That’s What Love Is”. The track shows the artist’s vocals like no other, the high notes hit during this song are one of a kind. It is the smartest choice for the final track, as it leaves the listener wanting more of Clemmons’ angelic vocals.

“What’s Up? It’s Me” is a musical masterpiece. It combines all the elements we love about R&B into a single album and we can’t get enough of it.

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Salma Almed

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