Roja Releases A Double Single With “Company”

Check out this song that The Huffington Post calls, “So darn good”. The new single, “Company” from the indie-mariachi band Roja has just been released.

Roja hails from Liverpool, England and has the most unique and eclectic new sound. The band is made up of Simon Bradshaw (Guitar/Vocals), Chris Doherty (Brass), Rachel Brewster (Strings), Aron McGhee (Drums), Claire Swift (Keys/Cello), Edwin Pink (Bass).

Eileen Shapiro (Louder Than War) describes Roja saying, “Their sound is like none I’ve ever heard, yet one I want to hear more of…really there is nothing even similar to it out there”. Their distinctive mix of mariachi and indie music makes them a force to be reckoned with. If you are looking for something “full of charisma and stylistic polish”, be sure to add “Company” to your playlist.

Roja released a double single, “Company” and a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”. Their cover is a dark and brooding version of the 2009 hit. It was much more serious than the upbeat pop hit and I personally think it suits the song much better. The emotion behind the song is much more apparent in their cover.

“Company” is a multifaceted song with a great blend of mariachi and indie influences. From the mariachi horn section to the eclectic indie lyrics, the song is very unique and proves to be a full musical experience. The lyrics are very abstract and artistic and draw the listener in. I highly recommend adding “Company” and the rest of Roja’s tracks to your music library to add a unique flair that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

Roja released the music video for “Company” and it has a very raw and personal feel. It shows the band performing live in a small and cozy living room, showing the perspective from most of the band members. it looks as if the video was personally recorded by the band themselves, which gives it a very authentic feel.

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