Romeo M Electrifies The Dance Floor With “Tracker Love”

Romeo M, independent African artist from the Democratic Republic of Congo, shows his musical cultural background through his electric new single “Tracker Love”. This newest single describes a different approach to keeping tabs on the person you love.

Romeo M is definitely a name you’re going to want to remember. Being a popular performer at festivals throughout South Africa, Romeo has already created great hype around his music. He is know for breaking the genre boundaries by creating his own style of music, referred to as ‘Afro-World-Hip-Hop’. Romeo has taken the move to North America in order to take on the American and Canadian music business fame he has strived to succeed.

“Tracker Love” has gained major radio and press promotion through the USA and Canada. With strong potential to break radio charts on a national level, this single will definitely be the track everyone will soon be talking about. “Tracker Love” has a very catchy beat that will make listeners want to get up and dance along to the R&B / Hip-Hop rhythm.

As Romeo M continues recording and working towards the release of his new album expected by the end of this year, be sure to keep on the look out for new music and sponsored events. For now, check out his newest single “Tracker Love” on SoundCloud today!


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Kaitlin Boyle

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