Samantha Fish Wants to Give You “Chills & Fever” with New Upcoming Album

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For artist Samantha Fish, making the best record is all about going back to your roots.

Though the singer has spent her entire career as more of a blues oriented artist, 2017’s Chills & Fever is focused on the iconic Detroit rhythm and blues and sound, as well as the rough and edgy vibes of famous rock artists such as Iggy Pop and The White Stripes. While in Detroit, the singer met members of rock cover band Detroit Cobras, and after bonding over their music taste similarities, produced an album that is a true representation of rock R&B.

Growing up surrounded by Motown era music and rock and roll, they’re genres that are close to Fish’s heart, and two she’s gained a new love and appreciation for over the years. Fish remembers being inspired by music of the 60s and 70s while listening to it, and because of this, her music has been greatly influenced by it. Fish says, “I listened to a lot of soul music, and I dug deep into people like Otis Redding and Ray Charles,” the music of whom, she noticed, was the basis for so much of the popular music today.

Fish says “I love the sound of the brass and the edgier intensity. Channeling timeless artists who sang like their lives depended on it. To me, that’s what this music is all about.” In regards to Chills & Fever and its sound that pushes the envelope. Nothing has held Fish back from creating the album, and because of this, she’s come forth with a new sound her fans haven’t heard before. “It’s a less restrained style of music than the sound people may be used to hearing from me, it’s definitely a different facet of my personality.” But with so much heart and soul into the album, and with the reverence to some fantastic music styles, Chills & Fever is sure to not disappoint.


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