Sara Diamond Wants You To “Stay A little” With New Single

Sara Diamond falls under the ever growing group of child stars turned pop stars, except that she hasn’t gotten her big break as an adult yet. She first started her career before the age of 5, when most children wouldn’t have a care in the world, she was singing for a record label, KIDZUP. This led to better career opportunities. In 2009 she became part of the girlgroup Clique Girlz, which didn’t last long as the group announced their split later that same year. From there all doors were closed in her face. At the age of 15 she was left with nothing but a beautiful voice and broken dreams.

For the past year Sara has been working on new music, reflecting her growth as a musician. Sara’s latest single “Stay A Little” is a unique take on R&B music. The self written track is refreshing in contrast to the many repetitive pop tracks taking over the charts. Sara is an extremely talented artist who is delivering music like we’ve never heard before.

Being a child star, Sara has a lot to prove. By sticking to who she really is and creating music that reflects where she is in life, she is proving herself as an artist and making a place for herself in the music industry. It is fairly easy for artists to get forgotten in the grand music industry but it is easy to say that Sara isn’t one of them. Her upbeat yet meaningful music mixed with her one of a kind voice make her hard to forget.

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