Seaside Heights Prepares For New EP Release With “Don’t Waste Another Heartbeat”

Join the momentum that Seaside Heights has created with their newfound hope in their music.  After a two year hiatus, the band regrouped, added a couple of members, got a new producer and a remixer, then started making music that embodies their true feelings.  The result is their second EP , Made Up Minds and Bad News.  The EP is a collection of the band’s personal problems in musical form.  It is a discovery of their new sound and raw emotions.

Recently, they released a single from the album called “Don’t Waste Another Heartbeat”.  The song is an encouragement to not go back into a relationship in which the other person won’t change.  It begins with a distinct rhythm that’s played on an acoustic guitar.  The rhythm keeps you in a state of constant tension that draws you to listen to the words.  At the bridge is where the music finally matches the emotions of the words.  You hear more instruments which create a fuller sound, and this blend of instruments together with the lyrics produce a sort of cathartic effect that releases the tension.  The song ends with a repetition of the words “don’t waste another heartbeat” and with the same prominent acoustic guitar rhythm as the beginning.

Be on the lookout for the EP that’s due out on June 8th.  In the meantime, check out “Don’t Waste Another Heartbeat”on SoundCloud.  Enjoy the music!

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